5 Powerful Strategies To explode Your Marketing In q4

As discussed in our last article, we are heading into Q4, now is the time when most companies and organizations are starting to hit the tail end of their annual budgets but still need to actively market and scale themselves. 

Here are 5 powerful strategies that you can use to make an impact this quarter 

Utilize Paid Advertising 

Whether you have done it in the past, or haven’t tried at all, using paid ads such as Facebook, Google display ads and even YouTube ads, can have a profound effect on your organization’s branding, recruitment, and donations. 

How? By setting up paid campaigns, they can function on multiple levels, whether it’s simple retargeting campaigns on Facebook and Google, or driving new traffic via a strong video on YouTube, which will lead prospects to your donation funnel,  Paid ads always pay off! 

You can even set up evergreen ad campaigns that will constantly put your brand and your message in front of the right people. 

Increase Your Email Marketing Follow-Up 

Strong storytelling is key to getting these new donors connected, as well as a strong follow-up showing them how their money is being used. 

Having a strong email marketing campaign behind all this is what tips the scales. Create strong email sequences that will continuously share your story, share what you’ve been up to, and continue the relationship you started with them when they first gave you their email address. 

Engage On Social Media – Start Conversations 

This is the social generation, everyone is on social media, and your organization’s Facebook page is not something to take lightly. Post constantly and create engaging content that will get people asking questions. 

Respond in a timely manner and show people that you are active. There is nothing worse than a social media page that looks like it has no activity. Not only does it hurt your brand, but it hurts the algorithm. When your page is not active, Facebook will not show you the relevant people you want to engage with. 

Staying active, ensures you stay relevant in the eyes of Facebook. 

Start A Facebook Group 

Facebook in recent months has started to pivot on how they want people to engage with you. They have been pushing groups on people more and more. Groups are a fantastic tool to help grow your email list, and ultimately help you gain more donations. 

How? By creating a group that is centered around some aspect of what your organization does, you can attract likeminded people who want to engage, interact and be part of the “Community” 

A Facebook group is likened to a digital community, Building your group takes time but it can be a very smart asset when it comes to your next big fundraiser. 

Start A Podcast

Podcasting has become a very popular way to build an audience, grow a community and monetize. Creating a podcast focused on what your organization does further helps you show the world who you are and how you are changing the world. It also acts as multiple forms of content. 

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Social Media 
  • Written 

By growing your audience, also can enable donations, sponsorships, and even advertising. 

To Conclude 

Taking your organization to the next level doesn’t happen overnight but implementing these ideas can help you gain more users, volunteers, and donors that you would have never thought existed. 

If you’d like to bring your marketing to explosive heights in the coming year, book a 15-minute free consult by clicking the link below. 


Meet The Author

Sean Littman is the founder and CEO of Catch22-Nonprofit Marketing, his out-of-the-box thinking, and approach to marketing have helped dozens of organizations both large and small, maximize their potential and see explosive results on all ends!

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